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Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association (ZBCA) is a non-profit national organization established in 1985 to represent emergent building contractors in various fields. With over 400 members across the country and four administrative regions, ZBCA promotes equity, high standards of workmanship, and a better future for Zimbabwe’s construction industry. Under the leadership of President Dr. Eng. C Mawere, ZBCA values honesty, integrity, corporate social responsibility, safety, fairness, teamwork, professionalism, and quality assurance. Join us in building a better future for Zimbabwe’s construction sector.

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With over 400 members nationwide, ZBCA is the leading association for the construction industry in Zimbabwe.

ZBCA advances the businesses of its members through a range of services, including registration and recognition, networking events, lobbying and advocacy, education and training, member discounts, business development support, information dissemination, a library and business center, and publications. The association works to uphold construction standards, provide a voice for members, and help them succeed in the industry.

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The ZBCA Team, comprised of experienced professionals and dedicated advocates, works tirelessly to champion the interests of members, foster industry growth, and drive the association’s mission of supporting and empowering building contractors in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Engineer c. mawere

Chief Executive Officer Joyline. R Zindaga (Mrs)

Joyline. R Zindaga
Chief Executive Officer


The ZBCA Gallery showcases the vibrant events, trainings, and activities that bring the construction community together, highlighting the association’s commitment to fostering connections, professional development, and industry excellence.


The ZBCA Blog serves as a knowledge hub, providing members with valuable insights, industry updates, and thought-provoking content to stay informed and empowered in navigating the ever-evolving construction landscape.


The ZBCA Events Calendar is the go-to resource for members to stay connected, learn, and engage with the construction community through a diverse lineup of conferences, workshops, networking sessions, and industry-specific gatherings.

Our Partners

The Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association (ZBCA) proudly collaborates with a network of strategic partners, including industry organizations, government entities, and leading service providers, to deliver comprehensive support and resources to its members.